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Our goal at Major 10th School of Music is to help students discover the joy of learning music and inspire them to create the music they wish to hear in the world.  

Ron S., guitar

Two years ago, I began my musical journey at Major 10th Music Studio. It has been a wonderful experience and very different from my other attempts to learn guitar as an adult.


With previous schools, lessons consisted of learning basic chords for popular songs. No effort was made to instill proper technique or explain guitar theory. I was able to play but I didn't really understand what I was doing.


From the start Tom began to correct bad habits and explain why songs worked and how to use different forms of chords to add interest to the music. He patiently taught me to read music as well as some music theory. Under his guidance my guitar skills have improved. As a student I appreciate his depth of knowledge, skill, and the ability to connect with students at all levels. Lessons are fun, upbeat and always productive.

We are lucky to have a music school of this caliber in Iron Mountain!

Paul S., acoustic guitar

I’ve been an acoustic guitar student of Thomas for over three years now. I’m always amazed at how much I learn in my 30 minute per week lesson. It’s more than enough to practice for the entire week. The best decision I made when I decided to learn to play the guitar was weekly lessons from Thomas. I was tempted to go “online” instead but that would have been a big mistake. Among many reasons why is that Thomas will correct your mistakes (of which there are many) and he has the ability to customize the lesson to exactly where you’re at. My next best advice is to practice for at least 30 minutes every day and get a good guitar. I bought two Kremona’s from Thomas and I love them. Also, don’t believe the myth that you’re too old to learn an instrument. I was in my mid 50s when I started and I’ve recently joined my Church band! It’s been a lot of work but it’s also very rewarding. Congratulations to you if you’ve decided to learn to play the guitar. It’s worth learning the right way. 

Zack O., classical guitar

Can't stress enough that Thomas is one of the best music instructors and musicians I have ever had the pleasure to perform alongside. I learned more being in a classical guitar duo with him than in some very expensive music college courses.

Cindy N., mandolin

I have been a student of Thomas for sometime and really enjoy the instruction that I receive at my mandolin lesson.  I did not know how to read music or play the Mandolin and Thomas has been a very patient  and knowledgeable teacher.  He makes me feel comfortable as a new music student which is important to me.   

Amy W., guitar

If you are looking for an amazing guitar teacher Thomas Niebrzydowski is your guy. Sophie has been learning guitar with Thomas for about 8 years. She has learned so much more than how to play an instrument and music theory. Through his patience and support he has also taught her to persevere through tough musical pieces and that she can accomplish great things when she puts her mind to it. We are eternally grateful for the guidance of this amazing teacher in Sophie's musical journey!

Susan B.

I highly recommend Major 10th Music Studio for those wanting music lessons for themselves or their children. Thomas is very knowledgeable about all things music and is proficient in MANY different instruments. He is also friendly and very patient.

I have been a student of Thomas’s for several years now, and I have learned very much and had fun doing so.

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